Daylight Saving Time Begins

Daylight Saving Time 2014

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How to Adjust to Daylight-Saving Time

Even though daylight-saving time is only a one-hour time adjustment, it wreaks havoc for thousands of us who have trouble embracing change. Follow these simple steps, and this time around you might get to work on time.


  • STEP 1: Change clocks on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday. Reset all clocks in the house, including your wristwatch, microwave, computer if necessary, and especially your alarm clock. Reset the clock in your car as well.
  • STEP 2: Avoid looking at the clock and thinking that it's really an hour later or earlier. Act as if this is the new time. Plan your day accordingly.
  • STEP 3: Change the clocks in the evening before you go to bed if resetting them in the afternoon is not an option. The object is to get used to the new time as soon as possible.
  • STEP 4: Get up at your normal time on Sunday. Set the alarm. Avoid sleeping an hour later or getting up an hour earlier.
  • STEP 5: Stay awake all day even if you are sleepy. Avoid taking a nap.
  • STEP 6: Go to bed at your normal bedtime on Sunday night. Drink a glass of milk, take a hot bath or drink a cup of chamomile tea to induce sleep if you're not tired yet.
  • STEP 7: Rise at your regular time on Monday. By now you should be well-adjusted to the new time.

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