Accessing the Internet and Internet Filtering

Total Traffic Control (Lightspeed) and Internet Filtering


Total Traffic Control (Lightspeed) and Internet Filtering

1. Why is the Network and the Internet Slow?

2. Accessing Total Traffic Control (Lightspeed) for Faculty and Staff (Contains information on requests to unblock a website)

3. Using Total Traffic Control (Lightspeed) Spam Mail Summary

4. Blocking Email in Mail Summary

5. I cannot get to a particular site on the Internet, the Internet must be down?

Not necessarily, if you are getting “page not found” then that particular site is down. You should try other sites before determining that the Internet is down. If you cannot get to any sites on the Internet, let your technology contact know since you would not be able to put in a webticket.

6 Why are we filtering the Internet?

We must meet the CIPA requirements in order to receive Erate funds so we do not have a choice.

If you find that a particular site is blocked that you need access to for student research, etc. Please fill out the Total Traffice Control (Lightspeed) page that comes up or put in a ticket and the site will be reviewed.

Please let your students know that the filtering software is not on the workstations but resides on servers in the Technology Office. They cannot bypass the system by trying the same site on other computers.

7. I just found a site that isn’t blocked. Why not?

The list of blocked sites is updated daily from the filtering software company. The company manually adds to this list daily. There are so many sites on the Internet that sometimes the site has not made it on the list. If you find an inappropriate site that students can get to, please put in a webticket and the site will be reviewed

8.How many levels of filtering are there?

There are various levels of filtering.

  • Staff = All Staff

  • OStudents = J.V. Martin, DHS Students, Lake View High School Students

  • YStudents = East, South, Stewart Heights, Gordon, Lake View Elementary, Lake View Middle Students

  • Internet Safety Monitoring Group = Principals

9.Is the filtering the same between buildings of the same grade level? Yes

10. Can teachers and students request that a site be unblocked? How?

Yes. Users receive a message indicating that the page is blocked. From this page they can send a ‘Submit for Review’ request. This is sent to the Technology Department and the site can be unblocked if it meets District, State, and Federal Guidelines.

11. How long does it take to have a site unblocked?

Approximately one hour or less

12. How are violations, such as hacking to bypass filtering handled?

Students are reported to the School Administrators where discipline is decided.

13. Tips and Tricks for Logging Into TTC

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