Enrollment Procedures

New Student Enrollment Procedures for Dillon School District Four

General Information

1. A district may not deny a student enrollment due to the lack of proof of immigration status, and a district should not request that information of the parent.

2. A district may not deny a student enrollment due to the lack of documentation such as SSN.


Age Requirements

  • 4 year old Kindergarten - 4 years old by September 1
  • 5 year old Kindergarten - 5 years old by September 1
  • First Grade - 6 years old by September 1




Designated school personnel for enrolling students will give the parent/guardian the Dillon School District Four Student Registration Form to complete.

Students must be entered immediately

  • New Students Must contain legal first name, full middle name, last name. Do not use *nickname ( A nickname should be used for students involved in sports)
  • Student Transfer
  • From others schools, states, etc.
  • Within our School District
  • Obtain signatures to have student records transferred from previous school.
  • Re-enroll dropout students refer to the Dropout Manual.
  • Returning Alternative School Students - notify designated school personnel for scheduling students.

Special Cases


  • Programs for Exceptional Children (PEC) - contact PEC office for placement form. Phone: 843-774-1200
  • Homeless - Homeless children and youth have the right to enroll in school immediately, even if lacking documentation normally required for enrollment. Contact the Office of Student Services to report any Homeless students. 843-774-1200.
  • Migrant - in order to be classified as Migrant, this form must be presented

Requirements to Enroll Students

  • Birth Certificate (is only required for PreK, 5K, and Grade 1)
    • A birth certificate is required to verify record of birth and spelling of legal name.
    • Place a copy of the birth certificate in the student permanent record
  • Proof of Residence
    • Proof of Residency Form 
    • Must present two documents containing the street address(current electric or gas bill, current water, current rental agreement, current mortgage agreement)
    • Not Accepted for Proof of Residence: drivers license, voter registration, identification cards
    • Affidavit Board Policy JFAEE JFAA-E (Use for special circumstances only.)  After 30 days contact parent/guardian to verify proof of residence.
  • Social Security Number
    • Student Social (To be pre-approved for free meals, a student's Social Security number is required).
    • Parent Social Security number is required for the lunch application form only if they file using income.
    • SSN is not needed if parent has a Food Stamp number or TANF number.
  • Custody Limitation
    • Obtain a Certified Copy of Court Order or Court Appointed Guardianship documentation to keep on file for custody information.




  • Obtain a copy of the SC Immunization Certificate from parent if available.
  • Issue DHEC Form 1123, South Carolina Certificate of Special Exemption.

Give one copy to the parent/guardian and one to the school nurse. File one in the student’s permanent folder.

School Lunch Program

  • New Student - The designated school personnel will have the parent/guardian fill out a lunch application.
  • Do not contact the Cafeteria Manager. This will be handled by the Food Service Office.
  • Fax the completed lunch application to the Food Service Office at 843-841-4185
  • Call the Food Service Office to let them know that the lunch application is being faxed.
  • Food Service will pre-approve the application with a generic lunch status for the student until the application has been processed.
  • Food Service Office will contact the School Cafeteria Manager
  • Students transferring within Dillon School District Four do not need to complete another application for free or reduced price meals.
    • New applications need to be completed only if the income or number of people in the household changes.
  • Food Service Office: Phone: 843-774-1200 Fax: 843-841-4185
  • Send the original form to the Food Service Office via inter-office mail.


Parent/Guardian Permissions

Textbook Information
  • Destiny Textbook Manager designated school personnel will check for new enrollment

Kindergarten Registration






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