Jeffery Ceasar

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Mr. Ceasar
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I teach 8th grade mathematics.  This is my 6th year teaching at Lake View High/Middle School.  I offer tutoring sessions from 7:20 until the start of homeroom.  I can be reached at or 843-759-3005.  I look forward to great school year with all of my students.

7:42-8:00 Homeroom
8:00-9:15 2nd Period (8th Grade)
9:20-10:35 3rd Period (8th Grade)
11:15-12:30 4th Period (Planning)
12:35-1:50 5th Period (8th Grade)
1:55-3:05 6th Period (8th Grade)

Class Materials: 1.5 inch binder, pencils, paper, and dividers.

Students: E-mail me to receive 5 bonus points on your next test.