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Mission Statement

Working together with students, families, and the community, we will ensure that every student has the skills, knowledge, and desire to become a lifelong learner and to succeed in a changing world.


EL Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of Dillon School District Four’s English Learner (EL) Program is to provide equal educational opportunities to students who have a primary home language other than English and who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) or Non-English Proficient (NEP The primary focus is to provide an English-rich environment so those students will become proficient in English as soon as possible. This goal will be accomplished through the development and implementation of a comprehensive English Language Learners (ELL) Plan.

Dillon School District Four strives to create a learning environment that provides the cognitive and affective support to help students become contributing members of society.

The program, beginning with kindergarten and continuing through high school, will provide the opportunity for each child to be successful in academic areas, develop listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency and to be exited from the program and mainstreamed into all classes.

Objectives of the English Learner Program:

  • To identify all students whose native or home language is other than English through the use of a home language survey at the time of enrollment and maintain the survey in the student’s permanent record.

  • To assess the language abilities of identified Limited English Proficient students and provide appropriate services for the progression of their English language development.

  • To establish a support team for each LEP student to analyze information gathered from the student enrollment process and English Language proficiency assessment. The team should make decisions about the types of instructional and support services that are needed. At a minimum, information from the Home Language Survey, the language proficiency test, the student’s home and educational background, and the student’s content knowledge and skills as demonstrated in the classroom should be considered in decisions about programs and services to be provided.

  • To provide appropriate instruction for the Limited English Proficient students and ensure fair assessment of the students’ abilities.

  • To develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through an EL intervention curriculum.

  • To support the curriculum and instruction of the regular classroom as appropriate to the developmental stage of the student.

  • To assist all EL and LEP students and parents in developing positive social, cultural, and academic interactions in the school as a whole.

  • To communicate instructional goals and expectations to parents and to encourage their participation in their children’s educational activities.

  • To develop appropriate measurements to determine when the EL student is ready to be removed for the LEP intervention program and operate in the mainstreamed classroom for the full school day.

  • To develop a monitoring system for those students who have tested out of the LEP intervention program.

  • To hire and maintain sufficient staff to provide LEP students with an equal educational opportunity.

  • To provide staff development in appropriate instructional and assessment strategies for principals, guidance counselors, and teachers.

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