Attendance Motivation

Attendance Motivation

Incentive Program Ideas Incentive Program Ideas
School Wide Classroom
  • Monthly Individual Student Awards (Certificates, Books, Drawings, Promotional coupons, lunch with administrator)
  • Monthly Class Awards ( certificates, school wide announcements)

  • Provide special lunch-time/end-of-school activities

  • Commendation letters (postcard) to students and parents

  • Student/class recognition in school newsletters

  • Publicize perfect attendance rewards in local paper

  • Student names and pictures could be placed on a bulletin board or wall where the entire school community can view it.

  • Classrooms with perfect, outstanding and improved attendance could be recognized with a banner or trophy to display in their classroom.

  • Trophies, certificates and/or a special party or field trip, could be given to these students.

  • Parents could receive some kind of plaque or certificate of appreciation

  • Grade level banners could be presented each Friday tothe classrooms with the highest attendance for the previous week (one for each grade level.)

  • Individual students receive certificates(i.e., bumper stickers, pencils, etc.) for Perfect Attendance.

  • Students with Perfect Attendance have their names posted by classroom on a bulletin board.

  • Grade level trophies are presented to the class with the highest attendance on each grade level.

  • The class with the highest attendance for the entire school is presented with a larger trophy and receives extra recess time, etc. (The teacher is asked to choose the reward to ensure that it fits into class schedule.)

  • The class with the most improved attendance is presented with a trophy and receives a treat for the entire class (i.e.: grab bags, books, etc.)

  • Individual students receive certificates at the end of the each nine weeks for Perfect, Outstanding (one excused absence), and Excellent (two excused absences)

  • A drawing is held for items such as CD's, books, etc. All students who have Perfect Attendance at the end of each nine weeks are entered to win.

  • Students with Perfect Attendance for the entire school year receive their own trophy to take home.

  • Students with Outstanding and Excellent Attendance for the entire year receive certificates.

  • Parents of the students with perfect, Outstanding and Excellent Attendance also receive certificates to commend their efforts to get their child to school

  • Use a multi-level approach for rewards such as having:


    No Absences

    No Tardies


    Two Absences

    Two Tardies

  • Each teacher should develop a classroom attendance motivation program, rewarding students for perfect attendance, outstanding attendance and most improved attendance.

Some tips:

  • 5 minutes extra of recess

  • Homework holiday for one night at the teacher’s discretion (no more than once a month)

  • Parents whose child have perfect, outstanding and improved attendance should also be recognized by sending them a letter of appreciation and/or a certificate or bumper sticker.

  • Students with perfect attendance for the month will receive a pencil and their pictures placed on a bulletin board in the classroom.

  • Use a classroom wall chart and mark attendance.

  • Each time a child is present, and arrives on time, the teacher will place a star next to the child’s name on a poster for the entire class to see. At the end of the week those students who have perfect attendance, and those who arrive on time, may go to the front of the room and pick a gift from the “treasure box.”There could inside there is a selection of different items such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, stickers, little toys (from the 99 cent store)ree homework passes, and store/restaurant gift certificates.

  • Selected students can also write their names down on a ticket each time they have achieved perfect attendance for the week and place the ticket in another box. At the end of each nine weeks the teacher will draw a ticket and that child will be rewarded with another trip to the “treasure box” and or given a special privilege for the following semester. The same idea could be can be used for outstanding attendance (those present everyday but tardy) and those with improved attendance.

  • Have the students clock in with a real time clock, reminding them that attending school is like going to work. Timecards are totaled at the end of the week and based on their attendance/time students can earn extra credit, special responsibilities, a free homework pass, etc. The school can solicit donations from companies that supply time clocks.

  • To promote prompt arrival time, the teacher can read to the students at the very beginning of the class.The teacher should choose a high-interest book (or even a comic book) where the chapter ends in suspense so that students are eager to find out what happens in the next chapter. This will help them to improve tardy arrival time.



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