Title I

East Elementary is a Title I school based on our community eligibility for free and reduced lunch.  Title I is a federal program that helps schools with reading and math implementation and improvement.  

The Title I Forms section contains a copy of the 2017-2018 Title I Plan and documents  that have been approved by the Leadership Council.  These documents have been shared with parents, students and community members.  A copy of the 2017-2018 PowerPoint from the first Title I meeting is attached also.  Questions or comments about the East Elementary Plan may be directed to the principal, Shannon Berry or to Katrina Newell at 843-774-1222.

Highlights of Title I Plan 2017-2018

  1. Federal Title I funds are based on our community eligibility.
  2. The 2017-2018 Title I plan pays for three teachers, two assistants and the facilitator.
  3. Funds have been used to purchase agendas in grades 2 and 3, parent communicators in all grades.  It pays for one interventionist that work with students in grades 2-3 as well as instructional materials for use in math and language arts.

Complaints, comments and suggestions made by parents are important to the planning, design, and implementation of the Title I School-wide programs.

  1. Complaints, requests, comments and suggestions made by parents will be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.
  2. Complaints, requests, comments and suggestions related to individual school-wide programs will be directed to the appropriate principal.
  3. Responses may be given
    1. Verbally (in person, in a meeting, by telephone)
    2. By note or letter
    3. In a newsletter
  4. If the Title I School-wide plan is not satisfactory to parents of participating children, the LEA shall submit any negative parent comments with the plan as part of its submission to the State Department of Education.
  5. Parent comments will be submitted with the School-wide plan as part of its submission only if the plan is not satisfactory to parents of participating children.
    Dillon School District Four's Title I Project is available for inspection in the Dillon School District Four Office of Student Services at 1738 Highway 301 North, Dillon,SC  29536.  Parents who may have questions or concerns about the District Title I Project may contact Mrs. Lynn Liebenrood at 843-774-1200. option #4.

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