Media Center

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free".....Frederick Douglass

Library/Media Center


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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Lake View Elementary School library /media center to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information, and to encourage and prepare students to be life-long learners.


To provide a school library media program that is fully integrated into the curriculum and that has a positive impact on student achievement.

Lake View Elementary School Media Center Policies and Procedures


· To stimulate interest in reading for pleasure and in finding and using information and ideas

· To promote the use of the library media center by students and faculty

· To support the school’s curriculum and reading initiatives


Library Media Center Hours of Operation

The media center/library will be open from 7:30-3:30.

Library Media Center Conduct Policy

  1. Return materials promptly.
  2. Have respect for library property.
  3. Speak quietly.
  4. Keep the library neat.
  5. Listen attentively.
  6. Be responsible.
  7. Walk at all times.

Checkout Procedures

Library Orientation is held at the first of each school year. Each class will be introduced to the library sections, checkout procedures, catalog system (Destiny), and how to use other programs such as DISCUS. Library rules will be discussed.

Students are encouraged to visit the school library with their classes.  As they enter, students will return books to the place designated by the school librarian. The assistant will have the primary responsibility of helping students locate books, checking books in and out, re-shelving returned books, and notifying students of overdue books.

Elementary students may checkout 1-3 books for a checkout period of two weeks based upon the Library Media Specialist’s discretion and teacher’s request.

Faculty and Staff

Length of circulation period: Unlimited.  Number of items: Unlimited.  Overdue rate: None.

Faculty and staff members request items from media center staff (in person, via e-mail, or via printed form, if media center requires one).  Media center staff will check out item(s) and will hold items until requesting staff member picks them up.  Upon returning item(s), faculty/staff member gives item(s) to media center staff member, who, in turn, checks them in.

Lost Books

The following guidelines will be followed for determining the fine for a lost library book:

1. New Library Book (one calendar year from the date of purchase) – Fine will be the full purchase price of the book

2. Library Book (one year or older) – Fine will not exceed $10.00

3. Fire Damage – Fine will not be charge

Materials Processing

Depending upon how an order is placed, books and other materials will arrive pre-processed, partially processed, or unprocessed. Most will require at least some degree of processing, and all records will need to be edited for the particular collection.


In order to have a relevant and appealing collection, the media specialist must select materials to correlate with the topics and standards being addressed by the classroom teachers. Weeding books that are beyond repair, soiled, in poor condition, or do not meet the needs of the school is an integral part of the media specialist’s responsibilities. The copyright dates of books are to be considered when weeding the non-fiction books. Ideally, non-fiction books should not be more than five to ten years old. We want our patrons to be excited about entering the school library media center and weeding the collection regularly is paramount in having a relevant and desirable collection.

Inventory Procedures

An inventory will conduct every other school year. In the off year a partial inventory will be conducted. A complete inventory of all materials is required at least once in a four (4) year period. At the end of the inventory procedure, a report will be printed that will list the items that are lost/missing. This information will be used in the selection of materials the following year.


Destiny Library Catalog

This on-line library catalog allows access to materials available at each school’s library media center. The catalog also provides child safe Web resources. Each class will have orientation on how to use the cataloging system.