Verizon Hotspot Problems

Student Device Activation Instructions

1. Plug the device into a power outlet using the device charger

2. Turn on the device and make sure the device has a strong signal by checking for bars next to the LTE area of the screen

3. Let the device sit for 30-60 minutes to ensure any updates have been completed

4. Turn the device off and then back on. Once powered on, attempt to connect to the internet

5. If the above 4 steps do not work, Dial 1-800-540-4263 for Verizon Technical Support with the paperwork provided by your school in-hand

6. Once connected with a representative provide them with the phone number of your device

*If the representative asks you to verify the SIM card or IMEI of your device, this can be located by removing the battery cover and the battery

1. The SIM card is a small white card located under a silver metal bracket. Make sure to remember the orientation of the SIM when reinserting. Read off the 20-digit number located on the SIM itself (Always starts with 8914800000)
a) 900LS or 8800L models: Push to slide out the SIM
b) Orbic model: Press the metal bracket down and push towards edge to unlock. The metal bracket should lift up allowing the SIM to be handled

2. The IMEI can be found on the sticker with barcodes. Locate the IMEI and read off the 15-digit number (Usually starts with 35)
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