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Any fiction or non-fiction book in the LMC may be checked out for two week periods and may be renewed as needed unless there is a waiting list for the book. Students may check out three books. All materials checked out to a patron will become the responsibility of the patron in all circumstances.

There are thirty-two computers available for individual student use in the LMC. Students must have an Acceptable Use policy (AUP) on file before accessing the internet. Patrons are asked to be conservative with printing.

Students and staff are reminded to comply with all copyright laws when preparing presentations, projects, or lessons. For more details concerning copyright, please click here.

Reading Counts
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Reading Counts Program each year. To see if your book is a Reading Counts book, visit the QuizList website.

South Carolina Book Award Program
Each year the Lake View High School Library Media Program advocates the reading of the South Carolina Book Award Nominees. Each student who reads three or more throughout the year has the opportunity to vote for his favorite in February and receives an award at the annual awards ceremony in May. Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to read from the Young Adult list, while students in grades 6-8 may find the Junior Book Award titles more enjoyable.

Young Adult Materials
Students in grades 6-8 are required to have parental permission in order to circulate Young Adult materials. Parents may choose to limit their child's self-selected reading on a book-by-book basis or agree to permit the student to have open access to all Young Adult materials. Once a student has received permission to circulate all materials, a YA label will be placed on the back of the child's student ID. The student must have the ID present at the time of check-out.




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