Wild Gator Varsity Athletics

Basketball Home Game Rules Update:

All Lake View High students are required to sit on the home side. 
Lake View High students are not allowed to sit on the visitors' side. 

Students are not allowed to walk back and forth on the ends of the court
or run out onto the court.

Students are not allowed to sit at the trainer's table.

Varsity Basketball 
 01/26/24 Latta* 6:15
01/30/24 @ Green Sea Floyds* 6:15
02/05/24 Lamar* 6:15
02/07/24 Hannah Pamplico* 6:15

Junior Varsity Basketball 
 01/26/24 Latta* 5:00
01/30/24 @ Green Sea Floyds* 5:00
02/05/24 Lamar* 5:00
02/07/24 Hannah Pamplico* 5:00

*Region Game
Head Coaches:
Varsity Boys Basketball: Jeffery Ceasar
Varsity Girls Basketball:  Larry Inman
JV Boys Basketball:  Daryl King

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LVHS No Bag Policy

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, athletes, parents, community members, staff and officials, Lake View High School has implemented a No Bag Policy for all athletic events effective September 2023.


Superintendent - Ray Rogers
Principal -Chris Ray
Athletic Director -Zach Hayes
Assistant Athletic Director - Brandy Huggins