Tablet Care for Students

Tablet Care for Students

Students who take tablets home are able to use their tablets at school as well as home.

Users that do not take a device home will have access to devices during the school day. They will get their assigned devices each morning and place in the appropriate carts at the end of the day.

Students that are on a hybrid schedule must bring their tablet each day fully charged and ready to be used at school.

Virtual students must have their tablets charged and online to participate in instruction.

The district may collect student tablets for use at school only for certain periods of time. The school will be sure that tablets are updated, secured, and charged for use during this time.

Tablets are issued for student use only. Inappropriate use by any other person outside of the district may result in disciplinary action for the student.
District discipline procedures are in effect for all users whether virtual, hybrid or at school.

Students must keep their tablet inside the cases at all times when not in use. Only labels or stickers approved use by Dillon School District Four may be applied to the tablet or district-issued case.

Cases should not hold other objects. Folders, workbooks, etc. should be kept in a book bag or carried separately to avoid placing excessive pressure and weight on the tablet device screen.

Tablet cases furnished by the school district must be returned with only normal wear and no alterations to avoid a case replacement fee

Tablet are intended for use at school. In addition to teacher expectations for tablet use, students may access school messages, announcements, calendars and schedules using their tablet through district approved software.

Tablets Left at Home

When students are given access to take the tablet home, it is the student’s responsibility to bring the tablet back to school the following day fully charged. Students who leave their tablet at home are still responsible for completing their daily course work. Repeated offenses may result in disciplinary action.

Tablets Undergoing Repair

The school may issue a loaner tablet to a student while their tablet is being repaired. A student may not receive a loaner immediately. There may be a delay depending upon availability of a loaner tablet and quickness of repair process.

Charging Your Tablet’s Battery

Tablets that stay at school must be returned to the cart designated by the teacher at the end of each school day.

Tablets that go home must be brought to school each day in a fully charged condition. Students must charge their tablet each evening. Repeat violations of not charging the battery for the school day may result in disciplinary consequences.


Keep your tablet in the district designated case at all times.
Always use two hands to carry the device.
Never leave the tablet unattended for any reason.


The power cord/charger should always be available if/when needed.

Ensure that the tablet is resting securely on the desk top.

Never place your tablet on the floor.

Books and/or binders should never be placed on top of a tablet.

Close the lid of the tablet before standing up.

Never leave your tablet unattended unless you have your teacher’s permission to do so. If you walk away from your device, lock the screen before walking away.

Follow all directions given by the teacher.

For devices that are not taken home, the student is responsible for ensuring that the power cord is placed in the cart so that it will be charged for the next day.

General Information

Charge the tablet fully at the end of each day. For tablets that are not taken home, the student is responsible for ensuring that the power cord is connected in the cart so that it will be charged for the next day.

A tablet should never be open if a student is consuming food or drink.

Care of Tablet at Home

The tablet stays in the case at all times when not being used for school work.

Charge the tablet fully each night.

Use the tablet in a common room of the home.

Store the tablet on a desk or table - never on the floor!

Protect the tablet from:
Extreme heat or cold.
Food and drinks.
Small children.

Traveling to and from School

Completely shut down the tablet before traveling.

Do not leave the tablet in a vehicle.

Keep the tablet in its case if you ride the bus.

If ever in a situation when someone is threatening you for your tablet, give it to them and tell a staff member as soon as you arrive at school.

Dillon School District Four will work in cooperation with the local law enforcement officials if a device is reported stolen.

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