PowerSchool Information for Parents FAQ's

PowerSchool Information for Parents FAQ's

What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is the student information system used by all schools in South Carolina. PowerSchool is used for scheduling, taking attendance, storing grades, and more. PowerSchool provides parents and students with immediate access to grades, assignments, and attendance records.

Who May Access PowerSchool?

All parents/guardians who have students in Dillon School District Four may have access to PowerSchool.

How Do I Request A Username and Password?

No usernames/passwords will be given out via phone or email in order to protect student information. Parent/Guardians will need to contact their child's school.

What Information Can Be Seen

Attendance and Grades This provides access to recent grades, and classroom attendance.

Attendance Detail The detail for attendance will show a span of time around the current date.You will be able to see absences, tardies and other codes.

Class Score Detail This screen will show assignments. Different teachers will provide different levels of detail for each assignment and category.

Teacher Comments This screen provides information via each teacher and course

Email Notification You can ask PowerSchool to send you a periodic e-mail detailing information about your child’s progress in school.

My Calendar: Allows you to subscribe to three different types of calendars Requires a software program to be installed on your home computer see these directions: How to use My Calendars in PowerSchool

Demographic Update: Displays the information at your child’s school. You may update phone information here. If any other information needs to be updated, please contact your child’s school.

Honor Roll: Will display honor roll listing if records are found for this student.

Access Log: Parent/Student Access Summary for PowerSchool.

School Information: Basic information such as School Address, Phone, Fax, Principal, Assistant Principal, Attendance Secretary, & Registrar’s Email.


When Can I Access PowerSchool?

You may access PowerSchool at anytime, day or night form any computer that is connected to the Internet.

My Child's Grades Do Not Add Up Correctly?

Different grading scales and weightings are applied to different types of assignments. Simply adding scores will not indicate that a child's grades are incorrect.

What Is the Grading Scale Used In Dillon School District Four?

All schools use the grading scale below.










Below 60%

The schools below also use S, N, and U.
East, Lake View Elementary, South and Stewart Heights (Health, Art, Music, PE, Conduct)
Gordon and Lake View Middle (Art, Music, PE)
S Satisfactory
N Not Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory

Do All Teachers Use the Same Grading Procedures?

All faculty follow the grading policy adopted by the Board of Education. Policy IKA Grading/Assessment Systems and Policy IKAB Report Cards/Progress Reports. Please keep in mind that teachers have various methods of grading based upon the course content and teaching style of the teacher. Teachers should have their grading procedures posted.

How Often Should We Expect Grades To Be Updated?

There are many factors that can determine how quickly a teacher can assess and return assignments. Quizzes can be scored more quickly than an essay or a research paper. The number of students a teacher meets with each day can also be a determining factor. All teachers will do their best to post grades in a timely manner, with a target of updating at least once per week. Each day teachers are expected to have lesson plans ready for class. Teachers should have all quizzes, assignments, and homework entered within one week. All major tests and project grades should be entered into PowerTeacher within two weeks. At the end of the grading period, all grading information must be entered into PowerSchool by the date determined by the administration.

What Do The Codes Mean For Grades and Attendance?

Gradebook Codes


Excused assignment


Work that has not been turned in, it will average a zero so the student & parent will be aware of its effect on the grade


Work which is not expected or excused. Just a blank score makes a parent wonder.


Excused Absence for work that has been excused due to absence

Attendance Codes





How Often Can We Expect Attendance To Be Updated?

At the high school and middle school, attendance will be updated each period. In the elementary schools, attendance is taken by teachers once a day. The main office at each school also enters a wide range of attendance codes, as they receive information from parents and other school locations where attendance is monitored.

When Can I Expect A Response From A Teacher?

Teachers should try to make a response within 24 hours of your question,

Who Should I Contact With Questions?

Question Topic

Person to Contact

Grades for class assignments during the current semester

Your student’s teachers. Teachers’ email contact info is available on the PowerSchool website at the main student screen.

Attendance in a specific class on a specific day

Your Child's School Attendance Office

Grades on transcripts, GPA, class rank.

Your student’s guidance counselor.

Course schedules, graduation progress, and college and careers.

Your student’s guidance counselor.

General attendance questions, and questions related to absences

Your Child's School Attendance Office

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