Using Your Email

Using Your Email

Email Guidelines and Reminders

Email should be used for educational purposes only.
Email transmissions are monitored by the district to ensure appropriate use. This means that administrators will be alerted to any inappropriate content.
All email and its/their contents are property of the district.
Email should only be used by the authorized owner of the account.
Students should protect their passwords at all times. Any suspected breach of a student’s assigned Dillon School District Four’s account should be reported immediately.

Unacceptable Use Examples

Non-education related forwards (e.g. jokes, chain letters, images, etc.).
Harassment, profanity, obscenity, racist terms.
Cyber-bullying, hate mail, discriminatory remarks.
Email for individual profit or gain, advertisement, or political activities.
Email signatures should only have a school photo of the student.

Students are responsible for reviewing Dillon School District Four Student Acceptable Use/Internet and Email Access Procedures

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