Managing Files and Applications


Dillon School District Four believes incorporating Mobile Devices into teaching and learning will benefit teachers, students, and families. The device may be used as a research tool, library, creation station, homework center, planner, collaboration tool, etc.

Apps and Downloads

Apps and downloads provided or made available by the District will be thoroughly vetted. The District reserves the right to limit the ability of students to download apps, extensions and other web tools onto District devices.

Storage for files

There will be limited storage on the device and academic files take priority over personal files. Every student is provided OneDrive with unlimited storage to be used for academic purposes.

Originally Installed Applications

The applications originally installed by Dillon School District Four on each District Issued Mobile Device must remain on the District Issued Mobile Device in usable condition and readily accessible at all times.

Students may not remove the device’s original applications. Staff may periodically check District Issued Mobile Devices to ensure they have not been removed. The school or District may also add other applications periodically.

Additional Applications

Dillon School District Four syncs District Issued Mobile Devices so that the devices contain the necessary applications for school work.

If students are permitted to load additional applications on their District Issued Mobile Device, they must do so in accordance with the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Installing apps on District Issued Mobile Devices may be restricted. Attempting to install or download restricted apps, such as a VPN, may result in the District Issued Mobile Device being reset and/or disciplinary action.

Procedure for Reloading Applications

If technical difficulties occur or unauthorized applications are discovered, technology staff will block or remove these applications from the District Issued Mobile Device. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of applications or documents deleted due to a reset.

Application Upgrades

The District will distribute upgraded versions of licensed applications from time to time through network processes.

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