Using Your Device

Using Your Device

All files stored on district equipment or on the network are property of the district and may be subject for reviewing and monitoring.
The term “equipment” or “technology” refers to tablets, batteries, power cord/chargers and bag/cases. Each piece of equipment is issued as an educational resource. The conditions surrounding this equipment can be equated to those of a textbook or a school issued calculator.
Students are expected to keep the equipment in good condition. Failure to do so will result in bills for repair or replacement.
Students are expected to report any damage to their device as soon as possible. This means no later than the next school day.
Students who identify, or know about a security problem are expected to convey the details to their teacher without discussing it with other students.
Students are expected to notify a staff member immediately if they come across information, images, or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, or make them feel uncomfortable.
All users are expected to follow existing copyright laws and educational fair use policies.
Students may only log in under their assigned Dillon School District Four username. Students will not share their password with other students at any time.
Students may not loan equipment to any other person for any reason as students are held financially responsible for any loss of components.
Dillon School District Four reserves the right to confiscate the equipment at any time
Vandalizing and/or tampering with equipment, programs, files, software, network performance or other components of the network; use or possession of hacking software is strictly prohibited
Gaining unauthorized access anywhere on the network
Revealing the home address or phone number of one’s self or another person
Invading the privacy of other individuals
Using another user’s account or password, or allowing another user to access your account or password
Coaching, helping, observing or joining any unauthorized activity on the network
Posting anonymous messages or unlawful information on the network
Participating in cyber-bullying or using objectionable language in public or private messages, e.g., racist, terroristic, abusive, sexually explicit, threatening, stalking, demeaning or slanderous
Falsifying permission, authorization or identification documents
Obtaining copies of, or modifying files, data or passwords belonging to other users on the network
Knowingly placing a computer virus on a computer or network
Attempting to access or accessing sites blocked by the district Internet filtering system
Downloading music, games, images, videos, or other media without the permission of a teacher
Sending or forwarding social or non-school related email


Originally Installed Applications

The applications originally installed by Dillon School District Four on each tablet must remain on the tablet in usable condition and readily accessible at all times.
You may not remove these required applications, and staff will periodically check tablets to ensure that students have not removed them. The school may also periodically add other applications.

Some licenses for applications require that the application be deleted from the tablet device at the completion of a course. If this applies to an application students continue to need, technology staff will re-sync the devices of the students in that course.

Additional Applications

Dillon School District Four syncs tablet devices so that the devices contain the necessary applications for school work.
Teachers may direct students to load additional applications on their tablet devices from the Dillon School District Four store.

No software that has not been approved by Dillon School District Four may be installed on the tablet.


Staff may randomly select students and ask them to provide their tablet device for inspection without warning or probable cause.

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