Using District Issued Device Responsibly


District Issued Mobile Devices are intended for use at school each day. Students are responsible for bringing their charged Mobile Device to all classes, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the teacher.

Student Responsibilities
● Student is responsible for maintaining his/her District Issued Mobile Device.
● The District Issued Mobile Device’s battery must be charged and ready for school daily.
● Student may not remove any District applied or manufacturer labels from the device.
● Student should guard their personal information when using the District Issued Mobile Device, as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This includes, but is not limited to, sending any message that includes personal information such as: passwords, home address, personal phone numbers, student’s last name or another person’s last name, and information about schedules (where students are/will be, timings, dates, etc.).
● Student will comply, at all times, with the District Tablet Procedure Guide and the AUP. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action and possible loss of device.
● Never leave a District Issued Mobile Device unattended in a non-secure location.
● Students are not allowed to have in their possession any other student’s District Issued Mobile Device.
● Students should not log into other student accounts on their District Issued Mobile Device.
● The District Issued Mobile Device should not be loaned to another person. Do not let family members download applications, programs or view inappropriate content. Each District Issued Mobile Device is assigned to one person, and that one person is responsible entirely for that particular District Issued Mobile Device. The assigned student is the only person that should be using the assigned device.
● Do not attempt to hack a Dillon School District Four Mobile Device. Do not attempt to remove or circumvent the management system installed on each Mobile Device. Using or possessing hacking software is a violation of the agreement.
● District Issued Mobile Device(s) should not be connected to “hot spots,” other networks, or VPNs while at school.
● Students who violate these terms will have his/her District Issued Mobile Device “wiped.” In addition to the device being “wiped,” the student could face disciplinary action in accordance with the District Discipline Code Book and may lose device privileges.
● Dillon School District Four is not responsible for lost documents, photos, music, etc.
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