Using Peripherals

Using Peripherals

Web Cams

Each student tablet is equipped with a web cam. This equipment offers students an extraordinary opportunity to experience a 21st Century tool and to develop 21st Century communication skills.

Web cams are to be used for educational purposes only, under the direction of a teacher.

Examples include:
• Recording videos or taking pictures to include in a project
• Recording a student giving a speech and playing it back for rehearsal and improvement.
Please note that installing Internet calling/video-conferencing software (i.e. Skype) is prohibited on district tablets. Software for using the web cam is already installed on the district provided tablet.

Listening to Music

At School

Listening to music on your tablet is not allowed during school hours

At Home

Listening to music on your tablet is allowed at home with permission from parents/guardians.

Watching Movies

At School

Watching movies on your tablet is not allowed during school hours.

At Home

Streaming movies on your tablet is allowed at home with permission from parents/guardians. Note: devices are filtered at home with limited access to streaming services.


At School

School Online gaming is not allowed during school hours unless you have been given permission by a teacher. All games must be in support of education.

At Home

Online gaming is not permitted unless using a district approved software. You are not allowed to load personal software onto your district owned device.

Desktop Backgrounds and Screensavers

Considerations Any images set as the desktop or Home Screen background must be in line with Use of Technology Resources in Instruction guidelines (DCSD Acceptable Use Policy).

Inappropriate media may not be used as a desktop background. Presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, or gang- related symbols will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of tablet privileges.

Copyright and Plagiarism

Considerations Students are expected to follow all copyright laws. Duplication and/or distribution of materials for educational purposes is permitted when such duplication and/or distribution would fall within the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, USC).

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